Quality certification

Quality certification

Masonry company quality certified

Quality in our company is certified since 1998 by Qualibat

Our company is one of the rare companies in our region to have the "Quality Control" certification, and it has been the case since 1998. This certification is the official guarantee of our achievements and competitiveness. The certification provides a genuine contract of confidence between the client, the project manager and our company.

This certification is founded on the following requirements :

  • Firm commitment of the management to satisfy customers.
  • Monitored involvement of every member of staff and subcontractors. In order to achieve this goal, guarantee of the works compliance, we operate with total control of the production cycle : Offer and contract, design and development, coordination, management, execution and delivery, after-sales service.
  • Assessment of effectiveness and continuous follow-up of the projects for the improvement of company operating procedures.

Selecting a QUALIBAT company is :

A guarantee of quality
The QUALIBAT certificate offers you the guarantee of professionalism of the management, the technical competences of the company, in every trade. It offers you the guarantee that it genuinely has the human and technical means necessary to carry out the work you require.

A guarantee of seriousness
Becoming a QUALIBAT company implies to be worthy of the name. The company has had to prove that it deserves the confidence of its customers by communicating its sales turnovers and attesting its administrative, fiscal and social regularity as well as an optimal risk cover. Each year, it is subjected to new audits.

A guarantee of transparency
The QUALIBAT certificate presented by the company contains all the necessary information to assess its technical competence as well as its seriousness. It is the document you should request to avoid any disappointment.

DSaving on your works damage premiums
LMost insurance companies offer non-negligible tariff advantages to private individuals who use QUALIBAT companies for their building work. Do not hesitate to request more information.

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